An ESG goal in isolation only tells you so much. It gives a sense of numbers and parameters, yet not a richer context. Why did a company set on a particular goal? How does it tie into its wider strategy?

This type of context requires extracting qualitative information in relation to the target. It requires looking into sustainability reports and announcements published by a company. A lot of this information cannot be fully quantified.

Qualitative information can include:

  • Rationale: why company selected a particular goal and pathway
  • Action plan: Explanation as to how company intends to reach the target
  • Risks: that company sees towards meeting a target
  • Examples / case studies: of projects set up to meet the goal
  • Support: from management through quotes / interviews

ESG Roadmap is ideally placed to help you here. When you identify a target of a company you are interested in, you can click on the underlying source link. This allows you to go straight to the annual report or press release where the company provided this quote. Reading these gives you a sense of the overall narrative around an ESG goal.

It also allows you to look at the full array of a company’s goals related to a particular sustainability theme. This helps you understand holistically what a company is trying to achieve.

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