ESG investors / fund managers✔️ Keep track of the ESG commitments and targets of companies in your portfolio
✔️ Set overall ESG objectives for your portfolio
✔️ Benchmark companies in investment fund
✔️ Assess company suitability for your portfolio – i.e. is it setting appropriate sustainability targets?
✔️ Conduct ESG analysis and research on companies in your portfolio
✔️ Produce reporting to fund investors
Commercial and investment banks✔️ Structure ESG-related debt instruments based on company commitments
✔️ Assess credit appetite based on a company’s ESG factors
✔️ Benchmark companies in lending portfolio
Researchers / Academics✔️ Study ESG themes and commitments across different industries and geographies
✔️ Analyse impact of new corporate ESG targets and commitments
✔️ Develop proxies for companies’ ESG plans
NGOs✔️ Monitor companies ESG plans
✔️ Hold companies to account on their ESG commitments
Consultancies✔️ Understand ESG commitments and targets driving various corporates, sectors and geographies
✔️ Advice clients on best in class ESG strategies and targets
✔️ Support companies with implementation of ESG targets