Empowering your sustainable finance strategy

ESGRoadmap is a partner of choice for financial services providers. We ensure you can conduct robust ESG due diligence and engagement with your counterparties, clients and investees
Our solutions are suitable across the financial services industry:
– commercial & investment banks
– private banks / wealth managers
– asset managers
– asset owners
– brokers / intermediaries


Use cases

ESGRoadmap’s tools are utilised by financial services providers for a variety of purposes, including:

– ESG due diligence and KYC: both at onboarding and annual / ad hoc reviews
– Structuring of sustainable finance instruments (such as KPI-linked loans): extracting appropriate KPIs and targets 
– Investing in sustainability-labelled instruments: benchmarking of KPIs and targets
– Engagement with counterparties on their sustainability targets and pathway
– Selection of suitable counterparties for a specific sustainabilty thematic strategy (eg. circular economy, gender equality)
– Sustainability strategy implementation: ensuring investees/borrowers align with own sustainability strategy (eg. portfolio decarbonisation goals)
– ESG / Sustainability Advisory: Conducting benchmarking exercises of ESG targets for clients


Example case studies

Bank X has a portfolio of sustainability-linked loans. When these are (re)structured, it wants to ensure the associated ESG targets are credible and amongst the most ambitious in the industry. It uses ESGRoadmap to conduct rapid analysis of these goals, both at a sector and country basis. 

Asset manager Y runs a carbon transition fund, which includes engagement strategies to help their investees decarbonise. It uses ESGRoadmap to identify the carbon targets of existing portfolio firms and as well as  companies they are considering investing in.

Private bank Z wants to manage possible greenwashing risks for its clients. It hence uses ESGRoadmap to ensure that companies it advises investing in have a credible set of sustainability goals